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Yup – That’s how I describe resistance bands.  The EXCUSE ELIMINATOR! Why?

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Excuse Eliminator.  Yup - That’s how I describe bands.  The EXCUSE ELIMINATOR.  Read on, my friends, to learn why …

Resistance bands are small, lightweight & portable.  If you’re working out with very limited space, bands are an amazing tool for you.  Or perhaps you travel a lot?  It’s so simple to pack your bands up and bring your workouts with you.  

Easy to find?  YUP!  Head on over to Walmart or any other major retailer or fitness store.  They’ll have them, I’m sure!  And amazon - stocked FULL of bands!!

And they’re CHEAP!  I know - I hate the word cheap too - I prefer inexpensive.  Either works here.  They are the most reasonably priced workout gear - that will fit into any budget!

Compound movements get the full body DONE in no time at all!  Bands are powerful - and working out with them targets so many muscles at the same time.  Your workouts don’t need to be long!  Get in, add some tension, and get done.

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